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STEM Unprogram

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Source STEM is an open support "unprogram" for anyone interested in commercializing technology.  What's an Unprogram? It's a set of support events that all start with asking you what you need. Everything is optional to join, and we never try to control your business or your time. Instead, we understand your needs and direction, and run small events that are specifically designed for you.

It's based on our experience in startup accelerators and other world-class, international support programs. Our unprogram lets you learn from different entrepreneurs and people who've found a wide variety of commercialization paths.  

Currently in soft-launch, we are currently setting up operations across Bulgaria and the Netherlands, with plans to expand to the UK and Taiwan.  

We expose different paths to commercialization that work in Bulgaria

Our first goal is to help you find a path that makes sense for you.  The enablement layer of events centers around regular group interviews of local science commercialisation stories.  We can all ask questions and all share our experience.  We offer free skills workshops on entrepreneurship, marketing, presenting and IP strategy.

When you're ready to start, we coordinate peer support. You can sit down with an experienced entrepreneur every two weeks to set goals for yourself, and then share your goals with a peer group. This helps you make regular progress and gives you both emotional support and the benefit of different perspectives on your current goal.

And if you update us with your progress regularly over email, we share that with a small dedicated team of high-calibre mentors, who can offer their support and give you access to the next level of support.

International business support, when you're ready

When a mentor sees you make progress and believes in you, we open a layer of deeper support to you, including private workshops and speaker dinners, introductions to our international network, and problem-solving groups where fellow entrepreneurs and mentors tackle your sticky challenges.

We also work with various partners to give you access to labs, office space and funding.

Open to all. There is no application process.

Our goal is to support everyone at every stage, including those who considering and evaluating if they should try to commercialize. The Source STEM Unprogram is designed to enable people, so is open to all.

Feel free to email Salim and Bart to introduce yourself at Or just sign up to the email list to get event updates - you can pop in anytime: