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STEM Unprogram

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Source is teaming up with Sofia Tech Park to support people interested in commercializing technology.

It will be very different.

It's not a "bootcamp" or a set of lectures and workshops that you have to go to.  It's for people who see an opportunity, and want to explore their options and learn different ways to start businesses in science and engineering.  There's no one path that's forced. You'll learn the pros and cons of investor money, of patents and licensing deals, and learn there are other ways too. And when there's a path you see that's right for you, we open doors for you and get out of the way.

What's an Unprogram?

In our Unprogram, every event, every workshop, is scheduled based on the needs you tell us, and everything is optional.  You go to the things you want to. We never try to control your business or your time. Instead, we understand your needs and direction, and run small events that are specifically designed for you.

Fundamentally, the Unprogram is designed to support people over projects. It's designed for full flexibility around your life and your passions - not a pre-defined path.

It's based on our experience in startup accelerators and other world-class, international support programs, like Oxford University, Seedcamp, Techstars and the Royal Academy Of Engineering. We've run programs for them where the learner is in control, which is a big reason why people succeed with their support.

Open to all. There is no application process.

Our goal is to support everyone at every stage, including those who considering and evaluating if they should try to commercialize. The Source STEM Unprogram is designed to enable people, so is open to all.

And when you're ready for deeper support, when you've taken your first steps to market, you can graduate to the Source Fellowship, to join a hand-picked, international peer support group of technology business founders.

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