Source STEM is an open support program for anyone interested in commercialising technology.  It's based on our experience in startup accelerators and other world-class, international support programs.

The program lets you learn from different experts and entrpreneurs, to find a path that makes sense for you. And when you're ready to start, we coordinate peer support for you, and if you show progress, you gain access to high-calibre mentorship.  

If a mentor believes in you, we open a layer of deeper support to you, including private workshops and speaker dinners, introductions to our international network, and problem-solving groups where fellow entrepreneurs and mentors tackle your sticky challenges.

There is no application process.  Just look at our calendar and join in!

Salim Virani

Salim Virani

Founder of Source Institute. I've developed educational programs for some of the world's top-tier accelerators and business schools, like Seedcamp, Oxford, UCL and the Royal Academy Of Engineering.