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How to make education responsive to a fast-changing world. Lessons from our heroes, and our own peer-learning programs.

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Mentor Impact

Our practical guide on how the best mentors work in the world's top-performing accelerators. Get your copy here.

We design peer-to-peer education for fast-changing environments.

Consider what it takes to sell nanotech water filters in East Africa. Or to create adoptable policies for climate change. Or to improve cattle breeding in Vietnam. Technology, cultures and markets change faster than traditional education can keep up.

Rather than silo knowledge, we create conduits to the most needed sources - building viable communities around the most relevant discoveries and experience.

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Source Institute programmes and content have reached over 70,000 front-line innovators in the most challenging markets on earth.

We're creating a new type of online learning that maximises timeliness, context and relevance to the learner. We've built Africa's most popular startup course.

Source Institute is led by Salim Virani, Bart Doorneweert and Lino Velev.