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Whether it's selling nanotech water filters in East Africa, creating policy for climate change, or improving cattle breeding in Vietnam, education needs to be contextual and up-to-date. Technology and markets change faster than traditional education can keep up.

That's where peer-to-peer education works best.

Rather than silo knowledge, we create conduits to the most relevant sources - bringing focus to the most relevant discovery and applications. Often, they're not where you'd expect.

We design education for fast-changing environments and foster innovation by building communities of practice.

Source Institute programmes and content have reached over 70,000 entrepreneurs in the most challenging markets on earth.

We're creating a new type of online learning that maximises timeliness, context and relevance to the learner. We've built Africa's most popular startup course.

Mentor Impact

A practical guide, Mentor Impact is based on research in the US and Europe's best performing startup programmes. It reveals a range of approaches used by their most influential mentors. Read It

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